We are an ALL volunteer organization, working full time jobs during the daytime hours.

We welcome calls on weekdays after 7:30pm and on the weekends. Please leave a message

if we are not available and we are usually able to return your call within 24 hours!


For adoption information, please contact: 

[email protected]  or call: 609-758-8261


All About Them, Giant Breed Rescue, is an organization comprised of volunteers that strives to be innovative in its assistance to all Giant Breed canines. When decisions must be made, we believe that the animals' needs come first. We believe that like us, no two animals are alike and are individuals. Our goals are to educate humans about proper canine nutrition and health as well as understanding what the animals are saying through their behavior. Never should an animal or an adopter have to "settle" for one another.


All About Them, Giant Breed Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit  organization with a mission that includes all animals to be loved,  big and small. Please note: all donations are tax-deductible. Tax ID  # 51-0560779-3824.

Our "All About Them Animal Communication" website is under construction.  For information on our Bach Flower remedies or communicating with your pet, please contact [email protected] or call Linda at 609-758-8261


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Please look at "Our Dogs" and "Adoption Information" pages.  If you think a giant is right for you, request an adoption application.  We would love to hear from you!

If adoption is not right for you and you want to help, please look at our "Donor" and "Fundraiser" pages or check out the donation links below.

Donations Always Welcome!