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All About Them Giant Breed Rescue has taken over care for Faith.  Faith is a 4/5 year old pit bull terrier who, based on her condition, had a rough past.  She is a loving, sweet girl that has nuerological damage that causes vision and mobility problems, as well as frequent seizures.  Medication for epilepsy has been unsuccessful.  We beleive that her underlying problem is caused by an underlying nuerological problem.  She is safe, loved and cared for at All About Them, but needs medical care that your donations could help us continue.





Donations can be sent to:





All About Them Giant Breed Rescue

204 Archertown Road

New Egypt, New Jersey 08533





Or directly to the veterinary hospital at:








If you decide to make a donation directly to Twin Rivers Veterinary Hospital, please contact AATGBR to let them know so a proper accounting can be kept. You can phone 609-758-8261 or email [email protected]


Thank you, from Faith and Linda at AATGBR.

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The All About Them Sanctuary is always full of dogs that require extra medical and nutritional requirements.  We can always use donations to help with those costs.


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